My ‘cut-up’: 1 – ‘First World Web’

“The first one was at Mons, ‘Homer !’ she cried. ‘I can see that,’ (German) army ‘Run-run-run downhill behind Zuckerman woods. The cocker spaniel heard the commotion through the orchard, I’ll catch the Worcester Regiment, said Homer. ‘Now the trouble starts,’ never-never-never be sure that asparagus came out of the machine.

Private Martin ran out from the barn to join in the chase, he was mending a tool. He gave a jump, the Epeditionary Force had squeezed through the fence where Wilbur was pulling weeds. ‘Pig’s out ! Thought Ted, he walked in the woods.’ “Well, we have been in two nearly three engagements and are still alive to be down in the woods.



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