My ‘Fold-in’ :1 – The M A Warm Wind

Zuckerman stared at the frogs to-day,’ said the old sheep, one he murmured the words You can hear them now’ at Lurvy. Then they both cocked his ears. From the lotte, sleepy after her nights exertions, came the voices of hundreds watched. Wilbur came and stood directly under the web.

‘Some pig !’ muttered Lurvy As she walked away, Wilbur saw ‘Some   pig !’   Whispered her. It was only a few hours stared and stared for a long time at Wilbur. Then    they stared at Charlotte and ran away. The streams  ‘You don’t suppose that that spider . chattered with rushing Mr. Zuckerman — but he shook a streaky breast arrived and finish the sentence.


The M         A Warm  Wind

is the first ‘fold-in’ experiment I have attempted. In this experimental ‘fold-in’ I chose where to ‘break’ the horizontal line of text in order to best form a flowing narrative throughout the horizontal line.

e.g: ‘You better sit down.’ / after breakfast, Wilbur.     Mrs. Zuckerman sank into / his precious sac. He wasn’t thinking



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