My ‘fold-in’ :2 – Off to Miracle

‘Please, please, please had appeared in a spider’s a gosling. Then all seven place. Everybody knew that They made quite a racket. At Wilbur and to read the ‘Children !’ snapped the Zuckermans’ drive- quietly-ietly-ietly at home. trucks from  morning gillis going to the Fair.’ and Buick road masters Just then Charlotte Plymouths and Studebakers ‘I shall go, too,’ she Sotos with gyro attic trans- to go with Wilbur. He with rocket engines and what may happen at the Pontiacs. The news of the got to go along who clear up into the hills, and think Templeton


Off to   Miracle

Is the second ‘fold-in’ experiment I have undertaken. In this experimental ‘fold-in’ I have broken the horizontal line of text on the word closest to the centre of the page. This is in contrast to the previous ‘fold-in’ experiment I undertook where I consciously broke the line in order to generate the best flowing line of narrative.

e.g: ‘I’m staying right here,’  /  animal. All said they had haven’t the slightest interest  /  before in their lives



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