Aural Observations: Marina Acoustics


Whilst living in an apartment overlooking Aberystwyth marina I made a number of aural observations surrounding the masts of the yachts and cruisers moored in the marina. As the sea flexes and undulates in unison with wind, the rigging and cables chime and toll, reverberating with the masts producing a chorus of hollow rings. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time at the coast will relate to the familiar sound of singing masts and cables, and soon after moving into the apartment the nautical symphony became a comforting undercurrent to life. Perhaps echoed by the sheltering arm of the enveloping harbour wall.

After some careful listening I was able to make a number of aural observations:

Firstly, that at times the singing masts reverberated at perfect pitch – striking a note, and jointly a chord, which could be mapped onto a musical scale.

Secondly, the random, yet ordered nature of the chiming cables produced an indeterminate rhythm – one which could be employed as a formula or as a catalyst for a visual drawing.

Below is an example from youtube.


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