Live Art: Dialogues

Live Art is a generic term that describes acts of individual or collaborative, innovative and explorative, performance practice. It can be undertaken in relation to one or more art forms. Dialogues is of a series of experimental and experiential exchanges between the visual and audible arts. The discourse is through improvisation: a free-style creative act that exists in the moment, in the instincts and intuitions of the individual, and in the participants’ reciprocal response to each other’s activities.  (It may, but need not have, an audience.) On this occasion, the conversation was through the mediums of drawing and sounding (that is, the act of perceiving and emitting, aurally). The exchange took place within a controlled environment in which the collaborators could learn, invent, test concepts, devices, and methods, make trial of different models of practice, and record ideas. Two determinations governed the collaboration: action and consideration; (to make in order to understand and to understand what has been made).

Both drawing and sounding were conducted in an abstract mode. This implies that the physical means and language of the art form was not directed towards (in respect to the former) the representation of the visible world and (in respect to the latter) melodic structure and composition. The conscious exclusion of these otherwise legitimate concerns enabled the participants to concentrate on the art forms’ formal and shared elements (either actual or metaphorical). For example: shape, line, pattern, texture, rhythm, pulse, tonality, atonality, pitch, contrast, dynamics, scale, size,  simplicity, complexity, variation, repetition, layering, relation, sequence, proportion,  wholeness, starting, stopping, resolution, duration, speed, vibration, movement, gesture, space, silence, noise, cacophony, indeterminacy, and distortion.

The collaboration was, for all intents and purposes, a duet. (And, as in Renaissance music, the duet was a teaching tool performed by student and teacher). While the ‘players’ performed together in the same space, they were at the same time separated by the obstinate and yet beguiling disparities between their respective mediums. Both participants are visual artists who play musical instruments. Therefore, as they sought to explore the nature and possibilities of a meaningful and productive interaction between two people and two art forms, the duo contributed a tutored and an intuitive understanding of each other’s chosen domain.

Caption: Live Art: Dialogues

Caption: Live Art: Dialogues

Live Art: Dialogues detail

Live Art: Dialogues detail












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