Research musings: a direction presents itself…


Having created a number of visual pieces in recent months, many of which have been in response to, or using Jackson Pollocks later ‘pour’ paintings as a theme (see previous blog posts) I have been unsure as to the positioning of these pieces within a wider narrative of my current research concerns. Indeed, up to a point I have been unconcerned as to their apparent lack of conceptual context as primarily, they have acted as an outlet through which I have been able to tentatively feel my way back into some sort of a studio practice. Continue reading


Research Observations: chance vs accident



For a long time now I have identified in myself a predisposition to get easily sidetracked and distracted, a penchant perhaps to intellectually ‘wonder off’. A habit I have long since been aware of, and indeed referenced numerous times in new year resolutions, (see my Continue reading

Animation Collaboration#2

animation stillLast November I made a post about a recent collaboration I had undertaken with the animator Frederico Penteado at the Three Legged Bird studio in China. Unfortunately both myself and Frederico have been busy with other projects over the past 8 months to create anything final from the stills and footage we obtained, however please follow the link below to visit Frederico’s blog for a short test animation from the collaboration.

We still intend to produce a longer animation from the stills and footage we obtained last year so please check back regularly for further updates.

We are also undertaking a further collaboration in the coming weeks to extend some of the themes from the first sessions. Updates will be posted as and when.


diebenkorn databend detail

At a recent meeting with my supervisor, whilst ‘pinning down’ the terms reproduction and interpretation in the context of equivalents between alternative art forms (i.e visual & audible), I was introduced to the concept of ‘databending’. Databending Continue reading